Posted by: willelmadrileno | February 15, 2011

Sevilla y Cordoba

Hola todos,

So this last weekend we took our first (and last) group overnight trip, and we went to andalucia. took the AVE (means bird in espanol, but stands for high speed train), which was pretty comfy and fast and scenic as well. when we got there we walked around for a while and went on a tour of la catedral. its a big old gothic cathedral, and there are also some arab influence b/c at one time it was a mosque. and then we climbed the tower too and saw all of sevilla, so that was pretty cool to. and the weather was great too, it was sunny and probably in the mid 60s by the afternoon. so then we went and saw the alcazar, which is an old moorish arabic palace. after i got tapas with some kids, and then we saw a private flamenco show for the BU group (all 70 of us), then went out in sevilla at night. the next day we went to the musuem of fine art of sevilla, which was pretty boring but some people liked it. and then we had the afternoon off, so we went off to check out the plaza de espana and had a cheap picnic- bread cheese turkey beer in this big parque place. then we took the group train back home outta sevilla, but me and two other girls got off at cordoba and stayed the night there while the grupo went back to madrid. so we got to cordoba off the ave, and then kinda wandered around cordoba lost for a long time until we found our hostel, but then they sent us to another hostel for some reason, and then it turned out that our reservation was for monday instead of saturday (oops). so then we wandered around the small confusing maze of streets of cordoba again and finally found a open hostel. the next day, we saw the alcazar de los reyes catolicos, the mesquita, the juderia, and the roman bridge over the rio guadalquivir. and then finally chilled a little bit more around the city and then got back on the train home to madrid sunday night to make it back for 930 dinner and internship monday morning. phew! what a crazy weekend


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