Posted by: willelmadrileno | March 16, 2011


hey all,

so i haven’t posted in a while, but i’m still alive and well here in espana! its tuesday night and just settling back into another week of laid back school. last week was midterms week so i actually had some essays and tests to work on, but now im back to doing more long term work. and i just got back sunday night from an amazing weekend in barcelona. coolest city ever. i was only there for four days, and i definetly want to go back. so i got there thursday night (after missing my flight outta madrid… ugh) and met up with tong, nate, and chris, all hs buddies. tong and nate were over here in europe visiting for spring break, and chris is studying abroad in barcelona. so we stayed at his appartment with him and his roomate, and the three of us rotated sleeping on the couch and the floor… fun stuff lol. but to the real stuff, on friday, we walked around park guell, which is the famous and ornate park in barcelona that was designed by gaudi, and then we continued up through the park and hiked up this mountain where you can see the whole city. it was beautiful. barcelona reminds me of pictures i’ve seen of rio de janeiro- its a big city surrounded by beaches on once side and mountains on the other, really stunning. so the next day it rained, so we just hung out in chris’s appartment for a while and then went to get his really good paella for lunch. it was on this restaurant on the beach, which was cool, and they gave us a serving for 5 by accident instead of 4, so we just had a ton of food.  and sunday it was beautiful, probably 60 degrees and sunny, so we just walked around the beach area and saw how cool the city was. i am definitley going back when its warmer. and also, we went out later to all the bars and discotecas really late every night too, fun fun fun


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