Posted by: willelmadrileno | March 25, 2011


hola! so life is good is espana. weather is getting warmer and there’s only two more weeks until spring break. so last week went to a futbol game and that was pretty cool. it was a Champions League game, which is the European league where the  best teams from the best leagues in Europe, (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England) all compete over the course of their other seasons to see who is the champion of Europe. pretty cool. so the game I went to was Real Madrid vs. Lyon from France. It was a great game, seats were really high up but definitely worth it. Stadium was out of control, really loud and crazy. Madrid won 3-0 and after every goal the stands just went wild. Unlike anyother soccer game I’ve ever been to. And maybe the craziest stands I’ve been in either besides maybe the ND student section.

Champions League

so this is the view. pretty nice view of the whole field. this is the champions league symbol where they did all the pregame champions league tournament ceramony.

Free Kick

here’s the game going on. white is real madrid and blue is lyon. lyon won the last match-up so this was a big game for madrid, and they won the series too so they move on to the next round. here ronaldo, basically the most celebrity soccer player in spain is about to take a free kick. I don’t think he scored here, but there were some pretty cool goals, shots from way off, corner kicks…

so here we are. right to left, craig, andrew, me, adrian. kinda funny b/c only one guy here goes to BU(Andrew). the other guys go to Brandeis and Brown. the program is run through BU, but there probably ten or so non-BU students out of about 70.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu


heres is the bernabeu

awesome place overall. huge, holds like 80,000 seats, and really wild during the games. one of the chants was “romper el bernabeu” whichs means break the bernabeu, and during that chant everyone just yelled and stomped and went crazy. ahhhh!


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