Posted by: willelmadrileno | April 11, 2011


Just got back last night from a fun weekend going around northern spain. It was pretty awesome actually, a lot of traveling, and we got to see a lot. So I rented a car with three other guys and we drove up north saw some beach, mountains, castles, the whole deal.

awesome mtn view

Day 1

leave car rental place 1230, get lost in madrid for about an hour before we get on the highway north, drive 5 hours to Gijon. a beautiful city on the coast of northern spain, province Asturias

Day 2

wake up, drive into the mountains to picos de europa national park. absolutley stunning. proably the mostbeautiful place i’ve even been in my life. we hiked up there, went up to the mountain village Bulnes in a huge granite valley surround by 8,000 ft snow capped peaks. amazing

mountain goats

Day 3

woke up in the mountains in a town called arena de cabrales, drove to the beach town llanes, checked that out, then drove to Santander, then south to the better weather. stopped at a castle and then went on to Burgos and back to Madrid. pretty solid day but lots of driving

morning view from the hotel. amazing

we're so tough



taking in the view


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