Posted by: willelmadrileno | May 10, 2011

en abril, aguas mil

hola! so i figured i should blog a bit before i leave. sitting now at my computer drinking leftover wine from dinner. just had a delicious dinner with Maria, Jaime, and Julia of quiche, salad, bread, and Maria telling me about all of the cool things to do, taste, see in Italy and France when I go. what fun.

how time flies. already mid may, and im about to leave madrid for the semester. so sad. i really do love madrid, and i’m gonna be sad to leave. so today i had my last finals for cine espanol and espana en la union europea, and they both went well, so its good to have all the studying off my back, but its a little bitterweet. this study abroad has been such a good experience, and I will never forget it. but the good is that its not over yet…

but what have I done recentely, too much to say. today is tuesday, so last night i just got back from barcelona, went there again to hang out with chris and see more of the city. what fun! catalan, beach, chicas, food, discotecas, the life there is so crazy and cool and different from madrid it makes me wonder what it would be like to live there. loco

before that it all starts to mush together with shnenagians in and out of madrid, but here are some of the highlights of stuff i’ve done:

corrida de toros


so overall really cool spectacle. unlike anything id ever seen, and probably unlike anything anything in the world. made me think of a combination of a rodeo and roman gladiator fight, with a hint of latino flavor. great crowd, packed seats, people, huge beers, cigars, the whole thing

las ventas

however, it was kinda inquieting how they kill the bull and all, but its part of the culture and all so im really not in a place to judge. there’s a big debate about it now it spain, but the consensus is that is cruel, but its a big industry, important to the culture, and supports a lot of rural bull raising and all, so its not really a bad thing.

pre-corrida festivities

 this was before, that side is the shade side, and it was early, but our side, the sun side, was packed

ok next, I ran the medio maraton de madrid (madrid half marathon). that was about a month ago. really cool experience, and i’m happy i did it. one of my friends started talking about running and how he wanted to do the half marathon, so then i decided to do it. only decided about a month before i was doing it, so i could’ve trained longer, but it was fun for what it was.

pre-race, all good

 so this was my first race really of any kind, so it was kinda an adventure. started running early in the morning, kinda groggy, and not really feeling it yet. so i ran the first mile or so with my friends and then they went off ahead cuz i wasn’t keeping up and trying to start slow. so i actually started really slow, ran the first 5 or so miles at 10 minute miles, and then this old guy passed me and i was like wtf, he’s 70, im 21, no way hes beating me. so then i basically sprinted weaving through the whole crowd for the next 5 miles, and then crawled the last mile b/c i was so tired. finished in 1 hour, 47 minutes. ended passing my friends though, around the 18th kilometer. after the race i was wicked tired, but we then we got these sick massages. then i went home and slept and ate for a week

ok thats a lot for now, more to come later


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