Posted by: willelmadrileno | May 15, 2011

Al Campo

Hey all, so sunday night now, just got back from the country with my host family. great weekend, went to their country house in espinosa, guadalajarra, which is a province in the state of castilla la mancha. about an hour outside madrid, very rural, lots of fields, mountains, mesetas, overall very beautiful. so went out friday afternoon, came back tonight. on saturday we went on this excursion in the morning where we did a couple hours of hiking and went to these ruins from the 14th century of a monastery and saw other cool stuff.

ya im a man


somebody's having fun

so we did this cool hike, and the two little girls were begging us to carry them, so i caved for a little while. it was a cool hike, me, craig (my friend), julia (host sister), adriana (cousin?), maria (host mom), jaime (host dad), marias dad – former spanish embassador, lourdes (marias cousin), acoba (man from georgia- former soviet republic, was with us the weekend to help in the garden), and ya thats it, but it was fun, lot of people, and there were a lot of different people all over the house this weekend.  here we all are the ruins:

the gang- (back) jaime, me, craig, acoba (front) adriana, lourdes, julia, maria

and the house:

la casa, circa 1890

really cool house, all kinda of cool junk all over it like old guns and golf clubs and cool books and random stuff. had a great paella for lunch on saturday that maria’s father made, and acoba sang- he’s an opera singer so he was singing opera songs in georgian and italian, pretty cool, really loud and overall impressive.

on sunday we had a stick driving lesson with maria, and then me and craig took the car out and drove around the countryside to see some castles and cool villages and stuff. really a great weekend

el castillo de siguenza


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