Posted by: willelmadrileno | May 23, 2011

Eurotripping: Week 1

So right now im in the first week of my eurotrip, currently at an internet cafe in amesterdam, netherlands. so i’ve just been in holland for a few days now hanging out a lot and seeing some things around the city. today i went to the van gogh musuem and I also went to the anne franke and some other stuff. besides that i’ve just been hanging out around my hostel, met a lot of really cool people. i’m traveling solo right now, so i havent really had anybody to hang with so ive just been hanging with people in my hostel. met a lot of really cool people, americans, canadians, swedes, australians, brazilians. it been really interesting, just met this 20 year old guy from australia who is traveling around the world for seven months this girl who’s doing a world tour todays and went off the switzerland and then she’s going to like canada usa and chile. met a lot of really cool traveling people. and then of course there’s the coffeeshops too…

well before that i went to paris and that was nice and beautiful, saw the great french culture and the eiffel tower, louvre, notre dame, all that. nice place. before that i was in london seeing all the british history and culture: fish n chips, buckingham palace, tower bridge, which was cool too and I stayed with my spanish host mom maria’s friend marta and also met up with some other people i knew in london, so that was cool.

as for now, i’m eigther going to berlin tomorrow on the train or taking an overnight train to copenhagen tomorrow night. still not sure yet but im going off to central europe now. adois amsterdam

bon voyage


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